BioAngels will from time to time hold entrepreneur pitch sessions where life science, digital health and eHealth start-up companies have the opportunity to present their product or services to members.

BioAngels would like to hear from you if you company broadly meets the following criteria. If you are unsure, simply contact the Executive Officer.

  • Must have a viable business proposition that requires $25,000 – $500,000 in funding.
  • Meaningful commercial traction. Examples include sales revenue, regulatory approvals, IP strategy, commercial agreements etc.
  • Pre-money valuation usually around $1-2M.
  • Plan key personnel with driver to deliver the business plan and grow the business rapidly.
  • Can clearly describe how you will achieve and sustain profitability or profitable exit.

BioAngels do not charge start-ups to pitch to the members, however you will be expected to undergo a rigorous screening session (Initial due diligence) with Executive Officer and other members as appropriate.

Prior to a pitch session, Entrepreneurs may be invited to meet with members who have expertise in the specific area being evaluated for investment. This helps both the BioAngels and the Entrepreneurs to ensure that there is good synergy between both parties and that a pitch to BioAngels will be well received.

BioAngels shall seek to collaboratively evaluate and discuss your business, IP (innovation or inventive steps) and technology (product or service), financial plans, valuation and shareholders agreements, to ensure BioAngels and you have properly understood the opportunity to progress to next stage members meeting which are held monthly, every second Wednesday.

Entrepreneur Benefits

BioAngels offers the following benefits to entrepreneurs

  • Growth Capital: members typically provide start-up and growth capital for the first two years, which can include follow-on funding for start-ups achieving mutually agreed commercial milestones.
  • Decision Support: members actively manage, commonly provide broad and deep knowledge base and sage counsel to their investee companies.
  • Networks: members offer investee companies access to their valuable networks across Australia and Worldwide.

Non-disclosure agreement

Generally BioAngels do not execute Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) prior to pitch meetings. If a member or group members wish to evaluate and pursue an investment opportunity further, the start-up company is encouraged to sign and execute an NDA with each individual member.