Established in 2002 by a group of founding members including, Dr. John Ballard, Mr. Paul Flavel, Mr. Ron Langman and Dr. Oliver Mayo. Since 2002, BioAngels members have invested ~$2.5M in ~20 life science companies across South Australia and Worldwide, further attracting significant follow-up funding by Venture Capital funds and other angel group co-investments.

International members are also encouraged to join. Members actively participate in the monthly meetings of the association and commonly contribute to the pre-meeting screening processes, active mentoring of investee, and presentations. The meetings are chaired on a rotating basis by members and it is expected that members participate in specific sub-committee group activities. The Executive Officer supports all administrative activities of the group and facilitates the meetings.

Our members’ expertise covers the following professional areas:

  • Company Founders, CEO, Managing Directors
  • Chairman, Board members
  • Complex Scientific environment
  • Product development, up-scaling
  • R&D, Technology transfer, commercialisation
  • Intellectual property, licensing
  • Financial management, mergers, acquisitions
  • Strategic and business plan development and implementation
  • Technology strategy and platform development
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Joint ventures, contracts, legal
  • R&D Tax incentive, Federal and State based Grants schemes
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Export strategy, border regulations, shipping and financing options

BioAngels members domain expertise includes:

  • Bioscience segments
  • Drug and product development
  • Clinical trials
  • Diagnostics and reagents
  • Medical devices
  • Nutraceuticals/Cosmeceuticals
  • Veterinary and animal management
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Water management
  • Digital Health & eHealth
  • Contract services
  • Advanced Analytics

What are Angel Investors?

Australian business angels or angel investors are private individuals who invest in start-up technology companies across South Australian and Australia helping them to grow and prosper. Typically, Angel investors invest because they have something more to offer than capital; thus BioAngels also invest time, knowledge, expertise and capital, born out of their own success and experience as entrepreneurs or business owners, in promising early stage Life Science, Digital Health and eHealth companies. Unlike Venture Capitalists, who manage the pooled money of others in a fund, angels invest their own money.

Investments are made by the individuals themselves, for example Private Capital, although coordination of the pre-investment process is carried out by BioAngels Inc. BioAngels also assist in the coordination of active mentoring and exit arrangements.

BioAngels look to invest in the early stages of a developing company and operate predominately in the provision of seed funding and start-up funding. BioAngels Inc does not generally invest in pre-seed projects.

Active Mentoring

Members are highly skilled mentors with a broad skill base. Active mentoring commonly results in increased entrepreneur management, knowledge and skills, improved vision for their business venture and identifying new opportunities while influencing entrepreneur resilience. Members are there to listen, discuss and offer potential options and solutions to founders and inventors that may increase pathways to success of the business and investment.


BioAngels members come from broad industry backgrounds and expertise. Many past members are honored here for the valuable support and service provided over long period of time to the organization and entrepreneurs.

William ‘Bill’ McCoy

Bill was a consultant in health administration.  He graduated in medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1955.  Trained in radiology in Boston, England and Sweden, he worked in hospital radiology and hospital administration at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s hospital and later became the chairman of the South Australian Health Commission. Bill retired in 1992 yet worked across a range of organisations related to health. He was the chairman of the telemedicine project in the early 1990’s and developed telemedicine in radiology and psychiatry in South Australia.

Bill McCoy was the chairman of the Cooperative Research Centre for tissue growth and repair from 1992 to 2002. During that time he had an involvement with GroPep and its float and the Stock Exchange. Bill had been a member of BioAngels since its inception and made numerous investment in early start life sciences companies.

Bill passed away peacefully in 2016.


Paul Flavel

Ron Langman

Chris Schacht